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We Provide Shipping Services Throughout North America

Solutions for Agents

Keep more of the money you work so hard for at ATLS Inc. We provide you with complete back office support. Log on to our TMS online software to book and dispatch your loads. We handle all invoicing to customers and carrier payments. We are proud of our A+ Credit and because of our longevity in the business, our database includes 20,000 carriers.

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Shipping Services

We provide freight options including Specialized service throughout North America.
Hazardous Shipment
LTL/Partial: 1 Pallet, 6 pallets, 1/2 trailer, or 3/4’s of a trailer.
Refrigerated: -20 F to A Temp Controlled Load
Heavy Haul: Oversize shipment 50,000-150,000 lbs. and Over Dimensional
Air: Need your freight there by tomorrow? Take to the skies with Air Freight, both Domestic and International.

We Earn Your Trust

We are proud of our 30+ years providing outstanding transportation logistics to our clients. The long-standing relationships we’ve built throughout these years is a tribute to our success. We welcome you to join us – and create your own successes story!

About Us

ATLS Inc. was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1982, and now has offices across the United States.
Our longevity in the transportation industry is attributed to many long standing relationships – with agents, customers, and carriers alike.
The professionals at ATLS Inc. have provided outstanding service and competitive rates to our customers for over three decades.

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Our team is looking for individuals who want the opportunity to grow, build, and advance. Let us know your goals and we can work together to achieve them. Come join a team you can trust and make your home at ATLS Inc.

ATLS Inc. has already negotiated LTL rates saving you (the customer) money!

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